Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I have had such low motivation lately. I couldn't bring myself to come up with a cute outfit and take a picture, which I guess is kind of sad. I have been a bit busy though (I kind of used this excuse too..), volleyball camps and a few trips but I need to get back into posting regularly, and I really want to. Anyways, I went to Seattle, which was a blast! I had never been to the forever 21 there and almost dropped dead when I saw how huge the store was, I was in paradise:) (I guess my paradise is a store:P) The store was at least three stories, where I live, the biggest store in our mall is only two stories or so, and its macys. We stopped at an outlet mall, and me and my mom had to take a peek in coach, and they were having an awesome sale... So I ended up with a new purse and wallet as part of my 4.0 G.P.A gift. We got an awesome deal on it though:) Besides that, I got Some cute clothes at H&M and Forever 21. Wish I could have gone to a few other stores but oh well :) We went to the museum of flight which was pretty sweet, my mom had me pose for a lot of pictures:) Then, after that we went to Trophey Cupcakes which had the best cupcakes I had ever eaten. The Seattle trip was a blast overall.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gone too long...

I said I was going to start posting regularly again, but looks like that didn't happen. :(

I have been so busy, but I think I'm back for a while now. :P

So here's my outfit of the day, which my dad and I drove up too the train tracks to get these pictures.
 The lace top is vintage, I love it! The yellow pants were thrifted, the belt, well I can't remember because I've had it forever, then the shoes my mom just came home with one day so I have no idea.

Hope you like! Have a happy Tuesday!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lighthouse Yellow

Wow I have not made a post in a while.... Shame on me, but I have been really busy but I finally got a new post! Anyways, these pictures were taken near the lighthouse (background of photo) and I'm wearing a yellow belt so I guess that explains the title. :P

Anyways, Im wearing one of my new shirts with little ruffles in the corner. I love it! I thought I'd make the outfit pop a bit with the yellow belt.

This was a short post... Oh well :)


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Marshmallow Day

 So happy Tuesday! Here is my outfit I'm wearing today as I stuff my face with marshmallows. It's spelt so wiered, and wiered is spelt wiered, and I don't think Im even spelling it right, and your probably lost right now :P. So back to the topic, anyways what do ya think? I honestly love the shirt, it's very chic :) I spent all day yesterday a thrift and vintage shops and came home broke! I love shopping! I got my belt, the top, and necklace on my trip. I'm going to have to post my favorite find, my lace top. I paid a way more than I should have but it was too cute to resist, my mom luckily bought all the stuff that we found at thrift shops :). Anyone else love thrift shopping?? I honestly love hunting for vintage.

Here is my lovely Lucy who thinks shes human. She decided to lay in my bed, like I would. Shes too cute though :)

And here we are on a walk :)

Happy Tuesday!!


(Love hearing your comments! I try to go back and comment on your blogs but I don't have time for them all! Sorry but I try my best! :) Thanks so much!)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Safari

Happy Easter everyone! This is my late easter post, since Easter is almost over.... Anyways, heres my little "safari" outfit for you!

This outfit is so chic but simple. I love the pop of red. :) My mom insisted I wore the hat :P, but I think its kinda cute. Whach'ya think? (Hope I spelt that right...) Its not exactly an "Easter Outfit" but, I think it has some spring colors!

My puppy happened to also get in theses photos too. Love her to bits! Anyways, I had a good easter! Had family over and ate lots of food :) My cousins adopted little baby chicks. They were so cute!! I will have to make another post with pics of them! Anyways, I would love to here your thoughts on the outfit!!

Happy Easter!!



Saturday, April 7, 2012

Traveling Feathers

So here's my outfit for today. I really love the belt, its so unique and original. I happened to find it while I was looking through a vintage thrift shop (Where I find lots of my favorite vintage items). I must say, I love with vintage things. I remember being a little girl and trying on pearls. Anyone recall doing something like that?

Anyways, Im happy with how this outfit turned out, its a Boho-Vintage-Chic mix :) I like the purple purse in the photos below, it gives the outfit a little pop.

Anyways, what do you think??

Now I'm off to make easter cookies!!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Vintage Love

So here's me in a knot I found in my closet, never realized how cute it was:) The quality looks terrible on here, but it works. 

I do love the outfit though, I'm obsessed with vintage, or anything floral or lace. :) I wish I had a really long pearl necklace or something but I guess the one I'm wearing works. I like the bright lipstick too, it sorta makes it pop and adds the vintage look.:)

(Photos were taken by my cousin, Paytin. Her blog is: