Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gone too long...

I said I was going to start posting regularly again, but looks like that didn't happen. :(

I have been so busy, but I think I'm back for a while now. :P

So here's my outfit of the day, which my dad and I drove up too the train tracks to get these pictures.
 The lace top is vintage, I love it! The yellow pants were thrifted, the belt, well I can't remember because I've had it forever, then the shoes my mom just came home with one day so I have no idea.

Hope you like! Have a happy Tuesday!



  1. i love your top its so gorgeous! also love the name of your blog! nice to stumble upon a blogger who's also a shoe lover!

  2. super cute! Great photo location! x

  3. I always wanted to take pictures at the train station and railway! Wow, love them :)