Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I have had such low motivation lately. I couldn't bring myself to come up with a cute outfit and take a picture, which I guess is kind of sad. I have been a bit busy though (I kind of used this excuse too..), volleyball camps and a few trips but I need to get back into posting regularly, and I really want to. Anyways, I went to Seattle, which was a blast! I had never been to the forever 21 there and almost dropped dead when I saw how huge the store was, I was in paradise:) (I guess my paradise is a store:P) The store was at least three stories, where I live, the biggest store in our mall is only two stories or so, and its macys. We stopped at an outlet mall, and me and my mom had to take a peek in coach, and they were having an awesome sale... So I ended up with a new purse and wallet as part of my 4.0 G.P.A gift. We got an awesome deal on it though:) Besides that, I got Some cute clothes at H&M and Forever 21. Wish I could have gone to a few other stores but oh well :) We went to the museum of flight which was pretty sweet, my mom had me pose for a lot of pictures:) Then, after that we went to Trophey Cupcakes which had the best cupcakes I had ever eaten. The Seattle trip was a blast overall.

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  1. Hi Kyla, great to see you're back! I love the cupcakes! xoxo